We breed for health, intelligence, train ability, looks, and that loving labrador personality. We only produce lab puppies in the 3 recognized colors by the American Kennel Club and Labrador Retriever Club. 

Why Choose us??

  • Health Tested Parents! 
  • 100% Money Back Health Guarantee!
  • Lifetime Breeder Support!
  • Potty Training and Crate Training Has Been Started For Easy Transition!
  • Micro Chipped Puppies!
  •  All Lab Puppies Are Examined By A Licensed Vet Before Going Home!
  • All Of Our Lab Puppies Are Vaccinated And DeWormed! 
  • Dew Claws Are Removed On All Lab Puppies To Prevent Future Injuries!
  • All Lab Puppies Are Introduced To Water And Retrieving Live Birds!
  • Our Lab Puppies Are Registered With The AKC and UKC
  • Impressive Pedigrees!
  • Pictures And Videos Of Our Lab Puppies Are Posted Weekly On Our Facebook Page!
  • All Lab Puppies Are Raised In A Clean, Loving and Professional Environment! 
  • All Lab Puppies Are Played With On A Daily Basis! 
  •  Basic Obedience Is Started With All Of Our Lab Puppies For Sale!
  • We Send Home A Goodie Bag Filled With Toys, Treats, Chew Bones, Collar, Lead, Food, Blanket, HeartWorm Medication, Flea and Tick Preventative And Lots Of Information About How To Care For Your Lab Puppy!

Please consider Simpson’s Labrador Retrievers if looking to add a new labrador retriever puppy to your family! You won’t be disappointed! 

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Our Facilities

Simpson’s Labrador Retriever’s is a professional, licensed kennel located in Red Bud, Illinois. Our dogs live in clean, spacious kennels and are provided with the highest quality care.

We have a large lake for our dogs to swim in and 10 acres for exercise and training purposes. We are state licensed and follow all rules and regulations.


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Our goal is to produce well socialized, happy, healthy, beautiful, intelligent and well bred Chocolate Lab Puppies, Black Lab Puppies and Yellow Lab Puppies. 

If you love labrador retrievers and would like to bring one into your family, you have come to the right place! We are one of the best labrador retriever breeders in Illinois and have beautiful labrador retriever puppies for sale.
Labrador retrievers are some of the most intelligent, friendly, and loving dogs. They are a popular choice for individuals who need companionship, active families, hunters and also for the serious competitor. 
We are an experienced labrador retriever breeder and are passionate about providing families and individuals with a labrador puppy that will make a great addition to their household.  
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Contact Us


You can also find us on facebook @SimpsonsLabradors

We are a professional Labrador Retriever Breeder in Illinois and take pride in raising quality labrador retriever puppies. We offer black lab puppies for sale, chocolate lab puppies for sale and yellow lab puppies for sale throughout the year. We specialize in producing lab puppies from champion field bred/hunt test lines which are commonly known as the American Labrador Retrievers. We have also been blessed with some gorgeous, exceptionally well bred English Labrador Retrievers which can be referred to as bench style labradors or show labs. All of our lab puppies for sale are loved unconditionally from the minute they are born up until the day they go home to be with their new families. As a responsible and reputable lab breeder, we genetically health test all of our labradors to ensure that we are only producing healthy labrador puppies for sale. If you are looking to add a happy, healthy, well taken care of and well bred lab puppy to your family, you have come to the right place! We would love for you to join our lab puppy family and see for yourself why we are the best lab breeder in Illinois!! We hope you enjoy our website and please be sure to visit our facebook page where you can find tons of pictures and videos of our lab puppies.